NARS “Medic 22” conversion

Volunteer run organisations form a considerable part of the CMSV customer base. Relying on charitable donations and fundraising events to continue operating and providing vital services means they can’t afford to spend frivolously or get things wrong.

For Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) a new vehicle represents hours of dedicated fundraising and support. The Critical Care Unit will be used not only to respond to serious accidents including RTA’s but also as a mobile learning unit to train new recruits to be Critical Care Paramedics.

NARS first realised the need for a Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) in 2014 and used a second-hand Audi A6 which allowed the team to access more rural areas and travel in challenging weather conditions. Come 2018 and it was time to upgrade their trusty estate; for this they came to CM Specialist Vehicles.

Having operated an RRV for four years, the team already knew what worked well for them and what they needed CMSV to provide solutions for. A spokesperson for the organisation said:


“CMSV interpreted our requirements very well; instead of slavishly following a detailed spec, they provided helpful suggestions and guidance.”

The Van was to be converted from a standard two seat Volkswagen Transporter T32 to a four seat, fully equipped emergency medical response van…officially known as “Medic 22”. From practical space management systems in the rear to a mobile training desk, functionality was key and Medic 22 is packed with multi-purpose features that allow for speed and efficiency which is paramount in an emergency situation.

The slide out trays provide easy and quick access to kit and mean that all the available space can be utilised to carry more life-saving apparatus. The surfaces are all wipe clean which has obvious hygiene benefits for a first response vehicle.

The vehicle underwent a comprehensive electrical fit out not only with a blue light installation and coms system but also a fully functional mobile learning desk. A screen was mounted, internet capabilities connected and power sockets installed, even the front passenger seat was designed to turn 180 degrees to create a classroom environment.

This was a truly unique conversion which had to be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. NARS have been run by volunteers since its conception in 1970 and we are proud to have been trusted to provide a vehicle which plays an integral part in saving lives.

NARS said:

“It’s been a real pleasure dealing with CMSV. Even though our vehicle was a one-off, we were always treated as though we were a major customer. If we ever needed a second vehicle, we would have no hesitation in commissioning them again.”


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