Guido Dumarey Successfully Completes Acquisition of Woodall Nicholson

7th December 2023 – We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the business acquisition by Guido Dumarey, an esteemed Belgian industrial entrepreneur, who has acquired the businesses of Coleman Milne, VCS Police & Special Projects, Mellor, Treka, Promech Technologies, and JM Engineering. These businesses are now seamlessly integrated into new companies consolidated under the umbrella of Woodall Nicholson, a new holding reflecting the rich heritage of the group as a leading specialist vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

Guido Dumarey, the owner of the Dumarey Group, a prominent player in the European automotive sector, has achieved another significant milestone with the inclusion of Woodall Nicholson into the family portfolio of Dumarey companies. With operations and subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Italy, China, and the UK, the Dumarey Group, which is also owned by Guido Dumarey, will be employing approximately 3,000 people at the start of 2024, and has been a driving force in the automotive industry for the past 40 years.

Since 2009, Guido Dumarey has focused on the automotive industry, engaging in the development and production of various automotive components such as automatic transmissions, injectors, flywheels, kinetic energy recovery systems, and e-mobility applications. Notably, Dumarey has been actively investing in hydrogen powertrain solutions, including internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen, aligning with the industry’s shift towards sustainable mobility.

Guido Dumarey, expressed his enthusiasm about the recent acquisition, stating, “This is an exciting acquisition for us. The Woodall Nicholson businesses have a strong market position and a disruptive product portfolio, as is evident in their robust order book. We’re eager to collaborate with their talented teams to continue delivering innovative mobility solutions. This marks a significant step towards our commitment to shaping a future where environmentally conscious transportation is accessible to all.”

Woodall Nicholson’s development signifies a crucial opportunity for Dumarey companies to synergize their strengths, expand market presence, and enhance overall capabilities. Dumarey will be supporting the management team to further develop the business, enhance its current operational capability, and continue to develop new and innovative products.

This strategic acquisition marks a transformative moment for Dumarey and Woodall Nicholson, fostering collaboration and innovation to shape the future of sustainable mobility.


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