NAPFM Compliant PPC Cell

Our design & engineering team have worked incredibly hard to develop a robust cell construction that is compliant with NAPFM guidelines for Protected Personnel Carriers.

Following rigorous testing at Millbrook, we’re chuffed to announce…we passed!

We are now the proud owner of a robust, fully removable cell design that fulfils the requirements of additional storage and mutual aid within fleets.

What was the purpose of this test?

The test was conducted as a ‘Duty of Care’ performance assessment at Millbrook Proving Ground using the 20g/48kmh dynamic test pulse characteristics given in UNECE Regulation 17-08 Annex 9, when occupied by a Hybrid II 50th %ile ATD.

1. To determine the structural integrity of the prison cell.
2. To assess the performance of the door integrity and post-test occupant egress.
3. To determine the strength of prison cell to body shell anchorage.
4. To determine if any item of mass becomes a projectile during the test

To find out more contact Mark Christopher.
Watch the video of the cell test here:


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