Driving Safety in Patient Transfer Vehicles

Mental health is a growing issue, not only in the UK, but worldwide. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people  will experience poor mental health every year and 1 in 8 people are currently receiving some kind of treatment, residential or otherwise. With that in mind it is impossible to ignore the growing demand for secure patient transfer options.

The BBC recently reported that 300,000 people leave their job due to mental illness each year at a cost of £99bn to the national economy. Now that mental health is very much on the agenda politically and socially, the stigma surrounding it is decreasing and that means more and more people are willing to ask for the treatment they need; for some that might mean residential care and that might require a transfer, or journey.

For people suffering from mental health problems, a change of surroundings can cause a great deal anxiety and could mean that they become a danger to themselves or others around them. Our design engineers can translate specific requirements into a bespoke vehicle solution which uses certified seating and provides safe and dignified transport.

A recent customer who took delivery of a patient transfer vehicle said:

“The Team were friendly and accommodating. Our priority is to keep the patient and crew safe and our new vehicle has been excellent. We’re very happy with the service”

When caring for the community, especially in relation to health, you want the assurance that your provider has a proven record for customer care and a reputation for maintaining high standards. If safety is your paramount concern, look to CM Specialist for the best in innovative design and handcrafted transport solutions.


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