CM Specialist sign up to DPS

CM Specialist Vehicles (CMSV) is proud to announce that they have been awarded Approved Supplier Status on the Dynamic Purchasing System.

CMSV have been a trusted manufacture of private and public sector service vehicles for nearly 20 years and pride themselves on providing the highest quality from design to delivery.

The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) has proven to be an effective and efficient method for both customers and suppliers to get the best deal and save on time and admin costs. The system is widely recognised as following a fairer process than a traditional framework which can often overlook SME’s and newcomers to the marketplace. With that in mind it was the obvious choice for CMSV to move the business forward.

Being an approved supplier means that CM Specialist Vehicles meets a prescribed set of criteria which can be trusted by prospective customers. As the system is paperless, it offers greater flexibility and option for amendments without incurring more costs and time restrictions. These are benefits which can be passed on to the customer.

DPS was formally known as CCS Framework.


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