11 Weirdest Ambulances of All Time

Ambulance vehicles can be modified and converted in to all sorts of shapes, sizes in order to meet the diverse requirements placed upon them. But, some ambulances take modification and conversion to a whole new level. Would you feel safe being taken to the hospital in one of these weird ambulances?

1. Under Pressure Jet Ambulance

under pressure fire ambulance 3

2. Children’s Ambulance for Kansas City Hospital


 3. Hummur Ambulance

hummer ambulance

4. Reinforced Calgary Ambulance

calgary ambulance reinforced

5. Russian Monster Truck Ambulance

russian monster truck ambulance

6. Sark Tractor Drawn Ambulance

sark tractor drawn ambulance

 7. Dubai’s Lotus Evora Ambulance

lotus ambulance dubai

8. Camel Ambulance

old camel ambulance

9. Isuzu Super Ambulance – Tokyo

isuzu super ambulance tokyo

10. Nigerian Ambulance

nigerian ambulance

11. Mercedes-Benz Citaro – The World’s Largest Ambulance

mercedes benz ambulance - world's largest

Know of any other weird and wonderful ambulances? Share them in the comments below.

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